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Pet Cleaning Wipes

Pet Cleaning Wipes
Pet Cleaning Wipes
Pet Cleaning Wipes

Pet Cleaning Wipes

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 Pet Eye Cleaning Wipes (100 Pieces/Set)

If your pet looks sad from dark spots around his eyes, it is time to clean him! 
Pet Eye Cleaning Wipes remove tear stains from around your pets' eyes and makes them beautiful and happy again. The package contains 100 long-lasting, slow-drying wipes, and it will last for a long time.
The material is harmless which means that you can use them on your pet every day, one wipe each eye and keep them clean day in and day out.

1. Remove the cover
2. Take out 1 piece of the cleaning wipes
3. Gently use it on the stain
4. Use 1 wipe for each eye

1. Natural materials - These wet wipes are made of cotton and they will not harm your pets' eyes
2. Long lasting - The package has 100 pieces that do not dry out.
3. Simple to use - Just gently clean the areas around your pets' eyes, using one wipe for each eye.

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