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Anti-Scratch Ceramic Car Coating

Anti-Scratch Ceramic Car Coating
Anti-Scratch Ceramic Car Coating
Anti-Scratch Ceramic Car Coating
Anti-Scratch Ceramic Car Coating

Anti-Scratch Ceramic Car Coating

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✔️Our Anti-Scratch Ceramic Car Formula works as a strong protective layer above your paint.

A thin layer of our advanced formula creates an extremely strong protective shell on the vehicle, keeping it clean, scratch proof and stain proof. What's even better is that it also creates a beautiful shine on the vehicle exterior!

✔️It only requires (1) application and will last 2-5 years.

Application is extremely easy & does not require complicated tools or equipment. Simply apply some liquid on a microfiber cloth (included) and wipe over the surface of your vehicle. After that you should allow at least 12 hours of natural drying to get the best results.

✔️It's 100% Colorless, Non-Toxic and Eco-Friendly.

Living in areas with extreme weather? Now you don't have to worry anymore as the Advanced Scratch Resistant Ceramic Treatment is also anti icing, snow, and rain - ice and snow just slide right off!

Features & Benefits

  • Anti Scratch Improved
  • Fine and Flame Retardant
  • Anti Corrosion
  • Antioxidant
  • Insulation property
  • Antistatic
  • Anti-acids and salts
  • Anti Bird Poop
  • Anti mud & dirt
  • Excellent high glass effect-mirror finish
  • Anti Calcium Effect
  • UV – Weather Protection
  • Hydro Phobic Water-repelling


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It really is that simple...

Please insure your car is washed properly before applying the coating.

These are our usual results from testing and confirmed by more than 25,000 clients already.

***We recommend picking up an Extra Bottle for Re-Coating & Back-Up Use after 2 to 5 Years.***

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